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Reading plays a very important role in a child’s development. It is important for children to not just learn how to read but to also develop a love for reading.


Learning to read helps boost young children language, vocabulary, confidence & social skills. Our reading sessions are filled with leveled resources & tools to help auditory, visual & hands on learners.


Students can expect to engage in read alouds, auditory & oral reading, which helps build critical reading skills that will lead them to academic success.

Blonde Boy Reading
Woman Tutoring Child

Emergent Writing

Our writing sessions provide students with the necessary tools & resources to equip them with skills that will lay the foundation to master the art of writing. 


During this session students will practice penmanship, story depiction, summarization & more.


Math is all around us, it helps us develop problem-solving skills & analyze details. For most students, the thought of solving a math problem is cringing.


We make math F.U.N (Frustration-free, Understandable and nifty) by applying & using both hands on & interactive problem solving techniques or strategies.

Young Students

Kindergarten Readiness

Our kindergarten readiness session simply focuses on the skills in which your child needs to master kindergarten. This session is usually offered to Preschool & kindergarten students.


This session covers Phonetic, penmanship, numeral skills & more.

 E-learning & Virtual School Assistance

During this session students will work with an assigned tutor, to complete and submit assignments virtually. Students needing 1/1 assistance with E-learning have the option of both online & in-person. Group sessions are only available in-person at our local office.

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